Corsair F-4U in a tree image
Corsair F-4U in a tree

There are worse things than being addicted to remote control aircraft. Being male and predisposed to geeky things, I naturally took to RC. It’s pretty easy to do and with enough practice, you can really get quite good in a short period of time.

The economy is causing companies to tighten up their belts and work smarter. Not the pat hyperbole of the 90′s working smarter, but actually being smarter than a bad economy. We at JP Technologies are developing technology to allow companies to accomplish this goal.

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But back to RC aircraft. The biggest thing you need to fly RC is just pure guts. Takeoff is full throttle, with minor aileron and rudder but it can get squirrelly especially with wind. You’ve got to forget fear of crashing and just do it.

Just like being in business.