Universal Devices ISY994i/IR PRO Controller – Insteon & IR Support

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Universal Devices ISY994i/IR PRO Controller – Insteon & IR Support



Have you outgrown your toyish, unreliable, or cloud based automation controller? ISY is not just another command/control hub. ISY provides you with complete and flexible point/click environment wherein you can create programs/triggers based on such things as states of devices, user defined variables, time/day/schedules, localized sunrise/sunset times with before/after offsets, timers, and randomized repeat/wait constructs, and SMS/email using customized contents/substitution variables just to name a few. Extending ISY functionality is as easy as installing ISY Optional Modules (Fees apply) and immediately use their events and actions in programs. For instance, you could have a program for irrigation and pool pump based on forecast rain/snow/temperature/humidity/wind for today or tomorrow. Or, you tell Echo to turn on/off and dim/brighten your devices and scenes or even to start and stop your custom ISY programs. Or send IFTTT Maker Channel events based on your desired conditions or have ISY automatically act upon IFTTT Maker channel events such as Ring Door Bell, Nest Cameras, or even Geo Fencing. More importantly, unlike other solutions that use the cloud for everything, ISY is fully autonomous with its own built in event based logic engine, secure web server, and real-time clock and thus it’s impervious to Internet outages and server loads for proper operations. The only exceptions are third party cloud based services such as Amazon Echo and IFTTT. To top it all off, you get the golden standard for customer service, a thriving user community, and a company that fully stands behind all its products with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. *OpenADR 2.0(a)/2.0(b) Certified – Requires OpenADR Production Certificates* ; **INSTEON requires PLM (2413S) which is NOT included


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