Leviton Lumina RF Universal Zigbee Thermostat, White, Rc-1500whzb

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Leviton Lumina RF Universal Zigbee Thermostat, White, Rc-1500whzb



Lumina RF Universal thermostats provide precise digital control over the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system using advanced digital technology that learns the heating/cooling patterns to control equipment for maximum efficiency and comfort. The Lumina RF communicates with control systems via ZigBee Home Automation profile and has a high-power radio with a range of over 200 feet. The thermostat features automatic heat/cool changeover, and a filter reminder for peak efficiency. Remote and averaged temperature sensors are available for advanced control of climate. The seven day schedule with copy and paste function makes programming quick and easy when used standalone. View HVAC usage by week via graphical display. Change the backlight from red to green to blue with the simple turn of the scroll wheel. Readings are available in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Want a mini-energy management system for your home or business? Use the RC-1500WHZB with the Lumina RF MicroControl, 81A00-2WHZB, to coordinate and schedule other Leviton ZigBee devices like plug-in lamp controls and control over pumps, fountains, generators, and other high-draw devices. When tying into a Leviton automation system, use either the 81A00-3WHZB, the ZigBee Interface Module. Utilizes ZigBee wireless communication for home automation systems Supports up to two stages of cooling and three stages of heating Wirelessly communicates with Leviton automation systems and other automation systems Learns heating and cooling patterns for efficiency Perfect for new construction or retrofit General Information Name: Leviton Lumina RF Universal ZigBee Thermostat, White, RC-1500WHZB, Leviton Mfg. Company, Inc, Leviton Category: Leviton Telcom, Intrusion & Smart Home, Smart Home, Smart Home Thermostats (& Comfort Control), Smart Home Bedroom, Smart Home Living Room, Smart Home Kitchen, Automate, Save UPC Code: 872257010589


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