So I’ve been busy working on developing our latest product. We’re calling it Xem or the Xem Device (pron Zem). Xem is the Vietnamese word for “see” or “watch” and Xem is a device designed to watch your network (now it makes more sense eh?).

Xem is a low power, green device which is self installable (just drop it on your network) and it will revolutionize the IT environment. Here’s how:

Have you ever had an IT guy fix a problem only to have that same problem reappear sometime later? We all have. Poor IT service is a thing of the past with Xem. 

Xem combines our established monitoring platform with a suite of products designed to “watch” that network behavior and automatically adjust, the result of which can detect and deter problems on your network well before they become problems which impact you.

Imagine, no more viruses. No more crashed hard drives. No more employees playing around on Facebook while they draw a paycheck.

Checkout more information on the website